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It’s important to consider curbing (also known as edging) when designing your landscaping. Curbing gives your landscaping a finished look, protects your plants from lawn mower- and weedeater-related damage, keeps your landscaped flowerbeds nicely contained, and prevents weeds from encroaching on your gardens. Generally speaking, concrete and brick are the most favorable landscape edging materials; they’re more both more attractive and more durable than the plastic, wood and metal options used to serve the same purpose.

Edging with Concrete or Brick
The choice between concrete and brick edging is largely a matter of personal preference. Both materials hold up well over time — making both more practical than plastic edging, which must be replaced periodically due to damage and excessive fading. Wood and metal, while sturdy, are less durable than concrete and brick. Wood eventually rots, even when it is chemically treated; and metal rusts and deteriorates over time.

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